Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Everyone. You just need to be born before:

  • the 31st, December 1999 to be able to run the marathon

  • the 31st, December 2001 to be able to run the half marathon

  • the 31st, December 2003 to be able to run the 10Kms race or the relay marathon



Fees (subjected to the availability of bibs):

  • Marathon : 46 euros for the first 1000 bibs / 52 euros for the next 1000 bibs / 57 euros beyond 2000 bibs.

  • Half Marathon : 22 euros for the first 1000 bibs / 27 euros for the next 1000 bibs / 32 euros beyond 2000 bibs.

  • 10km : 13 euros for the first 300 bibs / 15 euros for the next 1100 bibs / 18 euros beyond 1400 bibs.

  • Relays: Unique price of 88 euros per team.



How to register as a team?

You just need to go on the Registrations tab and then pick the Marathon Relais. You will need first to pick a team captain and choose the order of the relay runners and then choose a team name, fill in the details for each runners (last name, first name, birthdate, email address, postal address, t-shirt size).

If you have a discount code, you will have to fill it in when you validate the cart.


Is there a group price?

NO, preferential fees are offered ahead in order of registrations but no discount is applied on group registrations or for persons benefiting from a special status.



How to edit a team already created?

Once your team is created, you can:

  • Change the order of the runners

  • Replace a runner by another

  • Change the team captain

In order to do so, you will have to get your registration code included in the email confirming your registration, and go in “check my registration” HERE :

Keep in mind that depending on the order you put into the registration module you will have to run according to that order on the day of the race.



What does my registration include?

  • The Runners Newsletter

  • A Runner certificate

  • The participation to the selected competition

  • The access to the official village

  • Your time (official time, real time)

  • The integration to the general rankings of the race

  • A t-shirt of the marathon

  • Partner goodies given in the runners' bags

  • A finisher medal

  • An access to the various refreshment points planned on your course

  • An animated run all along the course

  • An access to "zone confort" at the end of the race

  • The help of pace leaders (on the marathon and half marathon)

  • Advice to runners and training schedules on the website and the Facebook page of the event



Is a medical certificate mandatory?

It is, unless you own a licence FFA Athlé Compétition or Athlé Running or Athlé Entreprise or Pass Running.

The medical certificate should be aged less than 1 year from Sunday, October 20th 2019.

The medical certificate must mention no contraindication to the practice of RUNNING IN COMPETITION, ATHLETICS IN COMPETITION or SPORT IN COMPETITION.

We advise you to use the available model of medical certificate HERE .


I am a minor, do I need a parental permission?

Yes, you will find the model of parental permission to fill in by clicking HERE



How do I add my medical certificate / parental permission on the registration platform?

In the tab “Déposer une pièce justificative”, you will have to insert the filein the following format: jpeg, png or pdf. 

See also  “how to edit a team” and “add an attached file”.



I am a member of the FFA and when I receive the email confirming my registration it is written that my certificate is not valid. Is that normal?

Indeed, your current FFA permit is valid until August, 31st 2019. Therefore, you will need to renew your licence between September 1st and October 19th 2019, which corresponds to the end date to collect the bibs, in order to be able to take part in the race.



How do I collect my bib?

All of the bibs, regardless of the competition, will have to be collected in the village of the Marathon International de Toulouse Métropole on Friday, October 18th from 10:30am to 8pm, and on Saturday, October 19th from 9am to 7pm.

You will need the registration confirmation with the QR code and your ID as well as the medical certificate in due form (or the licence) if the latter was not uploaded online beforehand.

Your bib may be collected by an outsider if the latter carries your identification papers or a copy thereof as well as your Pass Dossard. 

You will receive ahead by email the Pass Dossard with the information of your registration file.


Warning: no bib will be given on the day of the race!

Each bib will be numbered.

For the relay marathon, 4 numbers will be given, each with a different colour in order to differentiate the runners' course. The bib will feature the team's name.



What is the “runner's bag”?

It includes the runner's bib featuring a chronometry chip, pins, promotional offers and goodies from our partners along with the t-shirt of the marathon.



Are there any storage facility in the village?

Yes. Leave your belongings at the space provided at the village situated on Place du Capitole before the start. Mind the time of leaving your belongings. You will then be able to get them back at the finish-line at the same place. Remember to use your numbered gymbag which will be given with your bib!



How do I hook the bib to my shirt?


The number must be hooked to the front of your t-shirt in a visible way and must never be folded because it contains the time chip!

The number must be worn on the chest, fastened at all four corners without being cut. Any disrespect of these measures will lead to the runner's disqualification.



Can I run with a camera, an MP3 player or any other electronic device?

The Federal Bureau of the FFA has decided to allow the use of MP3 players or any other medium to listen to music, but it is “under the exclusive responsibility of the runner”.

Remember to make sure that you are able to listen to the instructions given at the start, during the route as well as at the finish-line.



What about chronometry, how does it work?

A chip is added to the number given to each participant, so you will need to wear it from the beginning to the end of the race, without folding or damaging it. Make sure to also run on all of the chronometry markers spread on the route so that your rank is effective and you know your intermediate times.



Time of the races starting from Pont Pierre de Coubertin:

  • 10KMs: 8:30am
  • Half Marathon: 8:50am
  • Disability Sport: 9:15am
  • Marathon: 9:20am
  • Relays: 10:45am



How to choose a start area?

The three races of the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10KMs offer Start Areas located on the pont Pierre de Coubertin (in front of the Stadium of Toulouse)

For the Marathon, depending on your previous performances, you will be able to register in:

  • Start Area Men Elite: less than 2h45 / Start Area Women Elite: less than 3h15

  • Preferential Start Area Men and Women: less than 3h15

These start areas are only accessible upon evidence of a similar performance within the past two years and validated during your registration by the organisation.


For the Half Marathon, depending on your previous performances, you will be able to register in:

  • Start Area Men Elite less than 1h15'30''

  • Start Area Women Elite less than 1h35'

  • Preferential Start Area Men less than 1h25'

  • Preferential Start Area Women less than 1h45'


For the 10KMs race, depending on your previous performances, you will be able to register in:

  • Preferential Start Area Men less than 34'15''

  • Preferential Start Area Women less than 43'



Access to the start of the race




-> By Métro : for runners who need to use the storage facilities, we advise using the métro ligne A, station Jean Jaurès et walk to the village on Place du Capitole.

The Capitole station will only be open until 11:30, with only two exits and will be crowded.


For runners who choose to get directly to the Pierre de Coubertin Bridge, use Ligne B towards Empalot station. 

The Esquirol station will be closed on that day.

-> The relay runners are the only ones who will have to get to the starting point with line B of the Metro by stopping at the station Empalot, starting from 9:45am. (you will have a few hundred metres to walk to reach the start space).



Location of the refreshment stations:

In accordance with the French Athletics Federation (FFA)'s specifications, watering points will be available every 2.5kms and refreshment stations every 5kms until the finish line.



Refreshment contents:

-        Drinks: water every 2.5kms

-        Food: oranges, bananas, sugar, raisins, gingerbread

  • Packaging: 50cls bottles and cups



The Blue line:

This year again, the International Marathon of Toulouse Métropole will display its blue line!

>>> The ideal path that all marathon runners and relay runners will have to take.

It will not be traced on all of the route but it will be identifiable on all changes of direction.




Finish-line / Medical treatment space:

A medical team composed of sports doctors, emergency doctors as well as emergency services will take care of the medical treatments post-run.


Finish-line / Comfort space

Teams of physiotherapists will help your recovery. For the marathon runners, a cryo comfort space will also be available.



Finish-line / Sanitary facilities:

On the place du Capitole, the sanitary facilities of the Indigo Capitole parking will be available for the runners. Other sanitary facilities will be made available on Square Charles de Gaulle.



What about the results?

The results will be available online starting from Sunday evening in the Results tab. They will be displayed in the marathon village.



Are training sessions planned ahead of the Marathon?

Coming soon.





Are all races official and/or certified?

The Marathon will be an official race in 2018 and will display the International certification label set by the FFA. As such, it will be qualifying for the French Marathon Championships 2020.

The 10KMs and half marathon will also be official national races labelled by the FFA: the performances will therefore be officially ranked and will be qualifying for the French Championships.


What is the difference in level of the new marathon route?

· Ascents: 144m

· Descents: 134m

· Global drop: 10m


What are the maximum race times for each race?

  • 10KMs: 1H30

  • Half: 3H00

  • Relay: 5H00

  • Marathon: 6h00



What are the conditions and modes of repayment for my registration?

Every registration is personal and final, and may not be subject to a repayment. Only cases of force majeure (serious illness, accident on the way to the start or death of spouse) may claim a repayment, upon presentation of evidence.

However, if you cannot go to the event because of an impediment, there is a platform allowing you to sell your number to another runner, it is the “Trade market”. You can access it by clicking the following link:




What are the distances of each relay spot?

  • Relay 1 : Pont Pierre de Coubertin – Argoulets : 11.7KMs

  • Relay 2 : Argoulets – Barrières de Paris : 6.8KMs

  • Relay 3 : Barrières de Paris - Canal du Midi : 11.2KMs

  • Relay 4 : Canal du Midi (Pont des Minimes) – Les Augustins (Rue de Metz) - 11.9KMs

  • Common arrival : 595 m (Augustins – Place du Capitole)



How can companies register in groups?

You have to contact the organisation so that it creates a group and gives you access codes by specifying the number of registrations wanted per race, the details of the company and specify the payment type wanted.


Contact for any question : marathon@toulouse-metropole.fr

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