Bib withdrawal


Bibs are to be picked up at the Marathon village (Place du Capitole) on Friday, October 18th between 10.30 am and 8 pm and on Saturday, October 19th between 9 am and 7 pm.

In order to withdraw your bib, the following documentation is required:
• Proof of indentity (or a photocopy thereof)
• A personal Pass Dossard (which will be e-mailed to each runner on the monday preceding the event, ie on October 14th)

Should you be  unable to collect your bib during these two days, a relative or anyone designed by you can get your bib for you, providing they bring a photocopy of your ID and your Pass Dossard.

For the relays, the withdrawal of bibs shall be done for the whole team. Thus, one member of the team can come over to withdraw all the bibs at once, providing that the whole team’s registration is complete. If one of the runners' pieces is missing, no bib will be given at all.

For companies, a single runner’s documentation will be enough (…) to retrieve all of the bibs for all the company’s employees, providing that each of their registration is complete.

WARNING: no bib withdrawal will be possible on Sunday, October 20th.



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