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#MTM2019 Kick-off



On the 21st of October 2019, you have been 12.700 participants running through the streets of our beautiful city on the occasion of the 12th edition of the International Marathon of Toulouse Métropole. Following the withdrawal of the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme (French Athletics Federation), Toulouse Métropole has decided to take over the organisation of the 13th edition of this must-attend sporting event. 


A marathon? Yes it is! But it is mostly a festive and colourful event whose keyword is going to be togetherness.


The kick-off will be on the 1st of May 2019 with the opening of the registrations. Four types of races are available (solo marathon, half marathon, 10kms and relay marathon for 4 runners), this should thrill running lovers, occasional runners and competitors. Be ready to also take part to the companies challenge reserved to the relay marathon with your coworkers. The participants will perform at the heart of the town, on a 100% city route. Many activities will be offered within a village set up for the occasion.


The #MTM2019 has many surprises in store for you. While waiting for the opening of registrations, follow us on our social networks.



The Marathon of Toulouse Métropole has been one of the 10 French marathons to receive the International label of the French athletics Federation since 2010. The 2019 edition will also hold the International Label confirmed by the FFA.

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